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Flames of Mars Signed Paperback

Flames of Mars Signed Paperback

Shifting by the light of Mars. . .


Shape-shifters exist and Violet now knows it. But her journey into the shifter world has only just begun. Violet thought she’d finally found her solace when her college friends took her into their remote community. . . yet Nathan’s betrayal is still soul-deep. She’s taking her new normal one day at a time. Until a group of shifters, who change by the light of Mars, brutally attack her home. The results are devastating. The loss is shattering. Yet Violet is now fuelled for revenge and raging with an eternal fire.


Since the last time Nathan saw Violet, he’s been held captive by hunters in Tempecrest, an island prison for shape-shifter gladiators. Many of the inmates have been slaughtered. . . and most of their blood is on Nathan’s hands. Once he’s free, the first thing on his agenda is to find Violet. He needs to explain. To apologize. To protect her. But it soon becomes clear that shifting into his Veniri form may be bringing him closer to his death. Unimaginable danger is closing in for both Violet and Nathan. How many people will Violet put on the line to reclaim what she’s lost? How far will Nathan go to claim Violet’s forgiveness?


    Signed Paperback

    Flames of Mars - Celestial Shifters Book 2